NZ Beauty

Developed in New Zealand as a cross between Gala and Splendour. Medium sized apple with red blush over a pale cream background. Crisp, juicy flesh with a sweet rich flavour. Harvest begins in early February.

Royal Gala

New Zealand’s largest export volume variety. Developed in New Zealand, this variety features a bright red stripe over a creamy background. Sweet and crisp with firm white flesh. Also available are high-coloured Galaxy and Brookfield strains. Harvest begins in late February.

NZ Queen

Developed in New Zealand as a cross between Gala and Splendour. It features dark red covering 70-100% of the apple. Sweet flavour with a crisp juicy white flesh. Harvest begins in mid-March.

Red Delicious

A sweet, dark red striped apple. Cosmetically very attractive, the variety is very popular in India and the Pacific. Harvested from mid-March to mid-April.


Developed in New Zealand, it features a bold red stripe on a partially orange-red background. It has a semi-sweet flavour and crisp, juicy white flesh. Harvest begins in late March.


Very sweet and juicy, varies from a soft pink stripe to a bright red colour. It is generally a large size with excellent storage qualities. Harvest begins in early April.

NZ Rose

Developed in New Zealand from a cross between Gala and Splendour. A medium to large variety, it has a rich sweet flavour and crisp juicy flesh and has an exceptional appearance with a unique rose-pink skin colour. Excellent storage capabilities. Harvest begins in early April.

Granny Smith

Bright green and crisp white flesh, refreshing and tangy. This is an excellent cooking apple and a traditional favourite in many countries. Harvest begins in mid-­April.


An exceptionally crisp and juicy apple, it is sweet with complex aromatic honey flavour and slight acidity. This naturally large sized apple, is a Fuji crossed with a Braeburn, with unique orange red colour on a yellow background. Harvested in mid-March, the KORU® has exceptional shelf life and retains its crunchy crispness. Harvest from mid-February until the start of March.

Pink Lady®

A medium sized apple with a pink blush over a creamy background. Pink Lady® is crisp and juicy with a perfect balance between sweetness and slight acidic undertone. Pink Lady® is harvested in early to late April.


Crisp, sweet and bursting with juice, piqa™boo™ is a delightfully enticing new fruit from New Zealand.  piqa™boo™ was naturally created by combining the best of European, Japanese and Chinese pears, giving the fruit its bright red skin, brilliant white crisp flesh, unique shape and amazing juiciness.


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