Royal Gala

New Zealand’s largest export volume variety. Developed in New Zealand, this variety features a bright red stripe over a creamy background. Sweet and crisp with firm white flesh. Also available are high-coloured Galaxy and Brookfield strains. Harvest begins in late February.


Developed in New Zealand, it features a bold red stripe on a partially orange-red background. It has a semi-sweet flavour and crisp, juicy white flesh. Harvest begins in late March.

NZ Queen

Developed in New Zealand as a cross between Gala and Splendour. It features dark red covering 70-100% of the apple. Sweet flavour with a crisp juicy white flesh. Harvest begins in mid-March.


Very sweet and juicy, varies from a soft pink stripe to a bright red colour. It is generally a large size with excellent storage qualities. Harvest begins in early April.


An exceptionally crisp and juicy apple, it is sweet with complex aromatic honey flavour and slight acidity. This naturally large sized apple, is a Fuji crossed with a Braeburn, with unique orange red colour on a yellow background. Harvested in mid-March, the KORU® has exceptional shelf life and retains its crunchy crispness. Harvest from mid-February until the start of March.

Granny Smith

Bright green and crisp white flesh, refreshing and tangy. This is an excellent cooking apple and a traditional favourite in many countries. Harvest begins in mid-­April.

Pink Lady®

A medium sized apple with a pink blush over a creamy background. Pink Lady® is crisp and juicy with a perfect balance between sweetness and slight acidic undertone. Pink Lady® is harvested in early to late April.



Crisp, sweet and bursting with juice, piqa™boo™ is a delightfully enticing new fruit from New Zealand.  piqa™boo™ was naturally created by combining the best of European, Japanese and Chinese pears, giving the fruit its bright red skin, brilliant white crisp flesh, unique shape and amazing juiciness.

Golden Sun

A unique pear, the Golden Sun has cinnamon gold colouring with russeted skin and a rich, sweet and juicy flavour. Golden Sun is harvested in March, with only limited quantites being available.

Other Produce

Japanese Strawberries

Sweet, juicy and beautifully red; these strawberries are truly special. Based in Clive, Japanese company Tatsumi grow these strawberries year round in specialised glass houses with a growing space of about 1.9 hectres.

Takushi Matsunaga of Tatsumi has much experience growing strawberries, and it shows in the perfect trays of premium, hand packaged strawberries we have available.

Japanese Table Grapes

Grown locally in Clive by Japanese Master and third generation grower Tetsuya Higuchi of Budou Senshin, these grapes are lovingly cared for with great attention to detail. Each bunch is individually inspected and packaged, so only the highest quality fruit reaches your table.

The varieties available are Violet King, Kyoho and Yuho – all of which boast a stunningly large grape packed full of flavour. Get in touch today to find out more.

Oyster Mushrooms

Grown in Taupo, our Mr YumYum branded oyster mushrooms are a versatile, healthy and delicious addition to any meal. Packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants these truly are a superfood.


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